About Khemara

Khemara Sical is a transformational life coach, and meditation teacher based in Boston, MA. In her unique coaching framework, she employs a holistic approach that taps into the multiple intelligences of the whole self to help her clients step into their full potential. Her method is based on the premise that when you reconnect to and embrace your totality, you position yourself to thrive in any aspect of your life. Khemara has a proven process to affect change even in the most challenging times.

Khemara has been on a personal and spiritual development journey since the beginning of 2013 when she suffered a severe mechanical back injury that left her in tremendous pain, unable to walk or stand. It was there, at the base of the spine – the sacrum – that triggered the entire awakening process. She began teaching herself how to self-heal through the power of meditation and mindfulness, and has seen the abundant effects of it unfolding in different aspects of her life. Khemara spent years learning about meditation and holistic healing techniques and went on to become a certified meditation teacher, certified corporate wellness coach, and certified holistic life coach. She also has extensive training in mindfulness-based stress reduction, breathwork, hypnotherapy, chakra and aura healing, and Ayurveda.

​In a world where navigating our well-being is challenging, her work takes into consideration the interconnectedness of her client’s mind, body, and spirit to ensure sustainable transformation from the inside and out. She is passionate about teaching people how to harness their limitless potential through meditations and wellness tools.