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Hey there, I'm Khemara.

Mom, speaker, best-selling author, and meditation teacher.


But what most people don't know is that I consider myself the gatekeeper of stories.


Ever since I can remember, people would come to me and pour their hearts out, confessing their deepest secrets and revealing their wildest dreams.


I believe our stories have the power to change the world. But most of us have to decide to stop allowing others to write the chapters of our own stories once and for all and live life on our terms. 

That's why I started this journey, to help men and women like you re-write their stories into more empowering ones.


My Mission

To inspire you to find your true potential by offering the tools, strategies, and support necessary for success



I thought that stress, burnout, and overwhelm came with success. I definitely had that wrong!

Standing there looking out from the floor-to-ceiling window of the corner office, I said to myself, "Is this really it?".  There were blood, sweat, and tears to get to where I was standing that day, but I was feeling deeply unfulfilled.

What no one told me was that success should not come with too many personal sacrifices, and if you're not careful you'll experience burnout in the process. I had to learn the hard way.

I have come to realize that prioritizing your well-being is the key to thriving in any other aspect of your life.  


Together, let's achieve clarity on your version of meaningful success, so you can make decisions from a place of courage instead of fear.

"I quickly  had to learn how to navigate my own well-being in a time of crisis and challenges"

After a decade of working for innovative Medical devices & Pharmaceutical companies, where working 50, 60, even 70-hour workweeks were the norm, I quickly had to learn how to navigate my own well-being in a time of crisis and challenges while producing results in a high-stress, high functioning environment.


I have combined this knowledge with other wellness tools and strategies to offer a fresh perspective on wellness.


As a Certified Transformational Life & Corporate Wellness Coach (I’m also a certified meditation teacher), I’m passionate about teaching others how to overcome stress and burnout and step into their version of success.

If you identify as...

  •  A 9 to 5 employee and want to get to your next level of success

  • An early-stage or aspiring entrepreneur, trying to build your service-based business

  • Unclear about your purpose 

  • Needing help in deciding your next action step

  • Looking at a crossroad or transition in life

  • An organization or business looking to cultivate holistic change

  • An organization or business looking to bring in wellness for their employee experience

  • Needing a speaker for your next event or function



My life and professional experience coupled with my background in holistic strategies have helped entrepreneurs and professionals live with passion and purpose. My vision is to create an environment where all individuals are empowered in every facet of life.

Other things about me...

  • I prefer chocolates over flowers for any occasion

  • I won a bubble gum blowing contest in the 6th grade

  • My parents came to the states with just a couple of luggage to give their children "the American dream"

  • I'm Cambodian, but many people say I look multi-national.

  • I can binge-watch Korean and Chinese dramas.

  • Whiskey or wine is my drink of choice (I love full-bodied reds)

  • My happy place is the beach or the mountains, anywhere with a view

  • I drove through a vineyard with my husband while visiting Italy. We blame the GPS

  • I love a good karaoke night in

  • I'm most energized when I'm traveling. No jet lag for me! 

  • I'm an information systems major


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