Hey there, I'm Khemara.

Mom, wife, best-selling author, spiritualist, and entrepreneur.


But what most people don't know is that I consider myself the gatekeeper of stories.


Ever since I can remember, people would come to me and pour their hearts out, confessing their deepest secrets and revealing their wildest dreams.


I believe our stories have the power to change the world. But most of us have to decide to stop allowing others to write the chapters of our own stories once and for all and live life on our terms. 

That's why I started this journey, to help men and women like you re-write their stories into more empowering ones.


In 2013, I suffered a severe mechanical back injury that left me in tremendous pain, unable to walk or stand. It was there, at the base of the spine – the sacrum – that triggered the entire awakening process.


I began teaching myself how to self-heal through the power of meditation and mindfulness and have seen the abundant effects of it unfolding in different aspects of my life. 

I spent years learning about meditation and holistic healing techniques and went on to become a certified meditation teacher, certified corporate wellness coach, and certified transformational life coach. I also have extensive training in mindfulness-based stress reduction, breathwork, hypnotherapy, chakra and aura healing, and Ayurveda.


I'm passionate about teaching people how to harness their limitless potential through meditation and wellness tools.

In a world where navigating, our well-being is challenging, my work takes into consideration the interconnectedness of my client’s mind, body, and spirit to ensure sustainable transformation from the inside and out.

My unique coaching framework is based on the premise that when you reconnect to and embrace your totality, you position yourself to thrive in any aspect of your life. 

"It was there, at the base of the spine – the sacrum – that triggered the entire awakening process."

Sooner or later, there's a wake-up call that happens for each of us...


Who will you be when you're honoring your unique expression in the world?

What would life be like when you're making decisions from a place of courage instead of fear?

When will you give yourself the unapologetic permission to break free from unconscious blocks?

How would it be to feel whole, aligned, and on purpose with life?

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